Cobble Paving for Driveways and Patios

Cobble Paving

What is Cobble Paving?

Cobble paving or setts is an increasingly popular, decorative method used to create an area of hardstanding like common block paving. The tumbled effect combined with the varying sizes on these blocks make for better aesthetics. The individual blocks that make up the pattern can be lifted should any remedial work underneath be required. Damaged or stained blocks can also be replaced easily. We typically use cobble paving for driveways, paths and patios as the interlocking blocks offer a strong, sturdy surface.

Depending on the style of block these can be laid in courses (parallel lines), this is the most common pattern however more complex blocks with more size variations allow for random patterns to be created. These block come in a wide range of colours, generally pastel tones to achieve a rustic look.

Where to use Cobble Paving?

Cobble Paving Patterns